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If you are looking for a panel garage door opener you’ve come to the right place. At National Garage Remotes & Openers, we have the equipment you need to get your garage door up and running. We offer products that are 100% consistent with the highest quality and reliability standards. Just look at our most popular tilt & sectional garage door openers below and choose what meets your requirements best.

Easy garage door operation with tilt & sectional garage door openers

A panel garage door opener is a time-proven, reliable solution to operate different types of tilt and sectional garage doors comfortably. The convenience of using the system is provided by a remote control which allows you to open and close the garage doors without leaving the car.

Panel tilt and sectional garage door openers are very compact and do not take up much space when installed in a garage. Their cases are made of high-strength materials that protect the internal mechanisms of devices from any mechanical damages. Garage door openers ensure security of the property by controlling access to the garage.

We offer belt garage door motors with a strong steel core. They work quietly and do not require frequent maintenance. You should also pay attention to  the height and width of your garage door when choosing tilt & sectional garage door openers. We provide detailed information about all motors presented on our site so you can choose a suitable option. If you are unsure of what type of garage door opener you need we recommend the sectional opener as it has a simple DIY installation.

Sectional and tilt garage door openers offer the advantages of safety in operation as well as the capacity to be installed in openings of any size, saving space inside the garage. Moreover, panel garage door openers provide excellent protection against weather conditions and external noises.

Get your brand new garage door opener at the best price

National Garage Remotes & Openers have more than 15 years of experience selling and installing sectional and tilt garage door openers, so we know everything about gate automation and supply only the best products at affordable prices. We offer a range of solid brands, including Auto Openers, Automatic Technology, B&D, Boss and Merlin. All our products come straight from manufacturers with a factory warranty.

On our website you can also separately purchase garage door motors, remote controls, weather seals and many more accessories in order to expand the functionality of your garage doors. No matter what type of garage door openers and accessories you need, we’ve got you covered.

We offer free postage and same-day shipping across Australia, so you can get your new garage door opener in no time. If you have questions or need any help with our ordering system, feel free to call us on 1300 858 438. Our professional service team is always ready to assist.