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An important aspect of enjoying the convenience of having an automatic garage door is knowing that you have a reliable remote control with long-lasting good quality batteries – the combo to never let you down. 

Reliable, High-Quality Batteries

At National Garage Remotes & Openers, we understand the importance of supplying just the right type of remote control batteries that will be well compatible with the characteristics of our gadgets. Discover our range of top remote battery picks that are of good quality, effective and reliable.

Here are a few points to highlight why our selection of batteries might be your go-to option:

Long-lasting. Our range of batteries has a shelf-life of up to 10 years, meaning not only that they will last you for a very long time, considering the fact that the remote controls are generally quite low power devices, but also that you can stack them up and always have a battery replacement, minimizing inconvenient situations with your garage door.
Safe. The garage door remote batteries in our selection are mostly mercury free and are protected from leakage, which tends to happen with some batteries that are left in a device for too long. Also, our batteries come with safety packaging that prevents children from trying to rip the package and play with the batteries.
Temperature resistance. Our garage remote batteries are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures between -30 and 60 degrees, which makes it possible to rely on your remote control even in the most extreme weather conditions. So whether you live in a place with a mild climate or you use your remote control to open the garage door in the freezing morning when it’s 20 degrees below zero – you can be sure that the batteries won’t let you down.
Compatibility. We selected our range of remote control batteries specifically around our collection of garage doors openers and their remote controls. Our batteries can be used across a number of remote control brands including but not limited to Grifco, Steel-Line, ATA, B&D, Merlin, Gliderol and more.

If you are not sure how to choose the right batteries for your remote control, contact us – we are always happy to assist you with your order!


We offer free tracked shipping Australia-wide on orders over $100, and non-tracked shipping for an additional fee for orders below $100.

If you need professional assistance in choosing the garage door openers, remotes and other products, or have any questions related to that, give us a call or stop by our offline store in Albury.


How to change the battery on the garage door opener remote?

It generally depends on the kind of garage door opener remote control that you have. Sometimes there are special battery holders with icons and signs that instruct you how to open the remote to replace the battery. 

However, in most cases, there are no such things, and you need to take something like a screwdriver and put it in the seams between the top and the bottom pieces of the remote control and very carefully open it yourself. Inside you can see the battery among other parts of the remote control. Take out the battery and replace it with the new one. Close the remote. It’s ready to use!

How to open the garage remote to change the battery?

It depends on the type of remote control that you have. Some remote controls might have a battery holder with icons and signs that show you how to open the holder. 

Most models don’t have that. To open the remote, you need to take something to put between the top and the bottom pieces of the remote control, like a screwdriver, and pry the top part up. The top and the bottom pieces should come apart, and the battery can be replaced.

Do garage doors have batteries?

Most garage door remote controls (at least the ones we supply at NGRO) have batteries, that need to be replaced every couple of years to maintain the proper functioning of the opener.

Does my garage door opener have a battery?

Your garage door opener does most likely have a battery, that you need to replace every couple of years for your door opener to work properly.

How long does a garage door remote battery last? 

How long your garage door remote battery lasts depends on the model of the garage door remote, how well you maintain it, how often you actually use it and the shelf life of your battery. But the average lifespan of the garage door remote battery is about two to three years. For a range of high-quality reliable garage door remote batteries, browse our range of remote control batteries.

Is there a battery operated garage door opener?

Most garage door openers operate on a battery, that needs to be replaced every couple of years depending on how well-maintained the whole system is. In case you need a battery backup for your garage door opener, refer to this page.

What battery do I need for the garage door opener?

It depends on the model of your garage door opener, but most garage door openers require lithium-ion batteries or 1.5-volt alkaline batteries. These need to be replaced every couple of years to maintain the proper work of the opener.

What size battery for garage door opener?

There isn’t any particular one-size-fits-all kind of battery for garage door openers: they come in a variety of sizes, weights, widths and with different characteristics. The battery has the right voltage, what it used to derive the energy and its compatibility with your particular garage door opener are more important factors in choosing the garage door opener battery.

Where can I buy a garage door opener battery?

Here, at NGRO, we supply a range of high-quality long-lasting garage door accessories that include garage door battery backups as well. Check out our collection, order now and get free shipping on purchases over $100 Australia-wide.

Avanti Batteries

23A Alkaline 12V Battery

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Avanti Batteries

27A Alkaline 12V Battery

$3.95 inc. GST