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Having a garage door opener installed is a very convenient experience that might significantly level up your home life routine – or at least the part where you don’t have to open and close the heavy door manually. But to make it even better and ensure that the door opener will work properly regardless of the circumstances that lead to power outage, like adverse weather conditions or wildfires, it’s always good to have a battery backup. 

High Quality Battery Backups

At National Garage Remotes & Openers, we offer a range of high-quality reasonably priced garage door battery backups to provide you with a secure and convenient experience of using garage door openers. 

Here are a few reasons why it’s better to have a backup battery installed in your garage door:

Safety. Even if you live in an area where extreme weather conditions or natural disasters are not a common thing, there can still be situations that might lead to power outages. So it’s always better to have an electric garage door battery backup to be sure that you will be able to use your garage, move your car or your belongings in and out of it, or at least guarantee yourself a peace of mind knowing that you have a backup battery in case anything is to happen.
Easy to maintain. Battery backups, once installed, can last up to three years and sometimes even longer without the need to be maintained and serviced. Garage door battery backups enable around 50 openings and closings of the door. So after installing the battery backup you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time with no need for any extra maintenance, while the backup guarantees you easy access to your garage at any time and under any power outage circumstances. When it’s time to replace the battery backup, depending on the model of your device, you will be notified by some kind of indicator on the system.
Easy setup. Even if you haven’t had a battery backup installed when setting up your garage door opener, you can still easily purchase one as an add-on. More than that, even though it’s advised that you use professional installing services, in some cases you can install the battery backup yourself, thus cutting on additional costs.

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How long does a garage door backup battery last?

It depends on the model of your garage door backup battery, but most batteries last up to three years without any extra maintenance. At NGRO, we supply high-quality battery backups that will keep your garage door opener functioning smoothly during power outages for the longest time.

How to install a battery backup for the garage door opener?

It depends on the model of your backup up battery and garage door opener, and you’re advised to use the help of the professionals or follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, but for most of the battery backups, these are the steps you need to take to install them:

Note that you have two silver tabs and a wire with a plug in the end on your battery backup. Find the placement of little slots for these tabs and a place to plug the backup in on your door opener. 
Take the wire with the plug out and place it where there is a special hole for that in your battery backup.
Put the silver tabs inside the special slots.
If there are screws in your backup battery set, find the spots where the screws go and tap the screws with the help of a bit.

And voilà! You have installed a battery backup!

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