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Centsys Gate & Garage Door Motors

Whether you’re looking to install an automatic gate opener or garage door opener in a residential or industrial facility, you’ll find that the Centsys brand of gate and garage door motors offers a variety of products designed to meet your needs. Offering remote control openers and operators, as well as standard openers and operators, Centsys has everything you need to ensure your project is completed with ease.

Centsys Door Motors from National Garage  

Gate motors are the heart of any automatic gate system. They are responsible for closing and opening the gates of your home or business safely, smoothly and reliably. The traditional way to open a door has been with a lever handle or knob. More recently, many homeowners have begun using keyless entry systems to open their doors. These systems use a remote control device to open the door from a distance.

A top choice of National Garage when it comes to sliding gate motors is the Centsys centurion automatic sliding gate motors. They are high-quality motors with a wide range of applications that have been designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. These sliding gate motors are solid and durable products that can withstand heavy loads and offer long-lasting performance. The motors come with an integrated control unit that takes care of all the necessary functions such as opening and closing the gates, detecting obstacles (via infrared sensors) and security locking mechanisms (via a coded keypad). A wireless remote control option is also available for all models.      

Check out one of Centsys centurion motors, the CENTSYS D5-Evo which is arguably the pinnacle of gate motor technology. It’s built on decades of experience in the field and offers everything you could ever ask for in a gate motor. The most powerful unit in its category has a whopping 500kg push force. It doesn’t require any additional wiring or installation – just bolt it to your gate post with the included mounting kit and you’re set. Plus you’ll enjoy a pack of features including battery backup in case of power failure, integrated safety sensors that automatically stop the motor if a person or object impedes its progress, an intelligent LCD control panel that offers an easy-to-use touchscreen interface with intuitive icons guiding users through the setup process and the automatic remote control operation that allows one-button control of your gate from anywhere in the world via text message or email notifications (controlling multiple gates at once).

The CENTSYS D5-Evo sliding gate motor is a perfect choice if you are looking for a high-quality gate opener for your home or business but don’t want to compromise on style or functionality. With its sleek black finish and modern design, you can be sure that this automatic gate system will blend seamlessly into any environment – whether it be residential or commercial.

Centsys also offer a wide range of accessories including solar panels, wall controls, keypad entry systems, wiring harnesses and more. The company also manufactures its own line of universal remotes that can be used on any type of gate or garage door system.

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We offer a wide range of affordable, quality Centsys gate and garage door motors to suit all needs. Whether you are installing a new gate & garage door motor or repairing an existing one, you will find the right model for your application. We have a number of different models that can be used with either wired or wireless remote controls, and a number also have built-in safety features that prevent overheating and overload. Contact us today!