Garage Door Remotes Available

National Garage stocks all the major brands of Garage Door Remotes. Our remotes our genuine products direct from the manufacturers.

Some of the brands National Garage Remotes stock include ATA (Automatic Technology), Merlin, B&D, Boss, Securalift, Gliderol, Chamberlain and more.

We also stock a large range of Gate Opener brands as well.

Garage Remote Instructions

We have detailed video and printable instructions for all remotes. See the links at the top of this page. Simply click on the picture of the remote you need for the instructions on how to program. If you are still having trouble please call us on 1300 858 438 we are more than happy to help.

Choosing a Garage Remote

It can be hard to work out which garage door remote you need. The golden rule is if it looks the same as what you currently have then it will work. However if you are unsure contact us and we will help.

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