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Looking for a new roller door opener? Look below to see the products we have in stock.

National Garage Remotes & Openers have a vast selection of roller door openers and much more. We have been in the garage door industry for over 15 years, and we are equipped to provide you with whatever you need to get your garage door working properly.

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We carry the best and biggest brands of roller door openers, including Auto Openers, B&D, Automatic Technology (ATA), Merlin, Boss, Gilderol and Grifco. If you’re looking for a specific brand of garage door automatic opener, just ask us about it. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of garage door openers and will gladly work with you to find the right products to fit your needs.

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Browse our website for the perfect door opener for your garage. We provide free postage throughout all of Australia, as well as same-day shipping. If you are located in New South Wales, you can also visit our store in person.

If you still have any questions about our roller door openers or any of our other garage door automatic opener products, call us on 1300 858 438. We will happily discuss your options with you and help you find what you’re looking for.

FAQ about Garage Roller Door Openers 2021

What is an automatic garage door opener?

Garage roller door opener is a motor device attached to the garage door usually controlled by a remote control. By using the remote control the owner can open and close the garage door.

What is an average cost of a new garage door opener?

At NGRO we make sure to have garage door openers in different price ranges. That’s why we have the devices that start at around $300, and the price goes up to the models that cost more than $700. And while the range of functionality of these price levels might vary, all of the roller door openers on our website are durable and of exceptionally high-quality.

Can I buy a garage door opener from NRGO and program it by myself?

Although it might be safer to consult with the specialists, you actually can buy a roller door opener from us and program it by yourself! We have a big selection of manuals and guides for you to be able to successfully program your garage door opener. You can follow this link and download a manual. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

How to Choose the Right Size Garage Door Opener?

You need to measure the height and width of your garage door to decide whether it’s a single-car door or a double-car door. If your garage door is smaller than 10 feet in width and 8 feet in height – it’s a single car garage door, anything larger than that is a double-car garage door. If you have a single-car door, go for smaller garage door opener options, otherwise choose a larger device.

How to install garage roller door opener?

  • Before installing a garage roller door opener, it’s always best to check your garage door for any issues such as broken balance springs, misaligned tracks, broken or old rollers, broken cables, and make sure everything will be ready for smooth installation. 
  • The second thing to do is to uninstall the details of the previous roller door opener, if you had one before.
  • Look through the manual that comes with the garage roller door opener package and assemble the additional tools you need for the process that are not in the package.
  • Install the garage roller door opener according to the manual.

Although, installing the door opener yourself might be alright, it’s always better to leave that to professionals, who have had years of experience and can make sure that everything goes smoothly, as garage doors after all are one of the things that you want to make really safe. 

In case you have questions, feel free to contact our customer service!

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$549.00 inc. GST
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ATA Garage Door Accessories

Merlin MYQ Connectivity Kit

$184.95 inc. GST

ATA Garage Door Accessories

Merlin 774ANZ PE Safety Beams

$83.95 inc. GST
$449.80 inc. GST