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ATA Garage Door Openers- a Brand Trusted by Professionals

Your garage door is an important aspect of the security of your home. It’s a major and essential entry point into your home and you want to know it’s secure. However, the doors themselves can’t provide security on their own. You need to equip them with high-quality garage door openers in order to make sure that you have reliable and secure access at any time of day or night. 

If you’re in the market for a new garage door opener– look no further. At your service, we have ATA garage door openers, one of National Garage Remotes & Openers leading and most trusted brands of garage door openers and parts. ATA’s Garage Door Openers allow safety and convenience for your garage door, garage door tracks, and gate. Whether you need one manual garage door opener or the power of a wireless one, our sophisticated products will accomplish your goal. Check out ATA’s great selection of remote openers today.

Premium ATA Garage Door Openers

ATA garage door openers are distinguished by their reliability and safety. The entire range of devices has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements for safety. Models can be found for all garage door types, whether it is a sectional door or a roller door, with either a single or double leaf.

The ATA range of garage door openers offers some handy features that are included as standard:

Safety Beam: This system uses infra-red beams to detect movement. In the event of an obstacle being detected while the garage door is closing, the mechanism reverses automatically.

Obstacle Detection System: If an obstacle is detected while the door is opening or closing, the opener will stop and reverse immediately.

Emergency stop function: The opener will stop immediately if there is any obstruction in its path on opening or closing.

ATA garage door openers are also ideal for the budget conscious, as they provide a standard range of features at affordable prices. The technology provided is reliable and in most cases, the ATA garage door openers can be installed with ease by the homeowner.

The ATA remotes are the best replacement aftermarket models in Australia. ATA provides a range of garage door openers, gate and intercom systems. The included ATA PTX5 remote (colour black) is compatible with all ATA garage doors. This remote allows you to open up to 4 different brands of garage door motors or 2 different brands of gate motors. The ATA PTX4 (colour blue) comes with a keyring size transmitter that can operate up to 3 different brands of garage door motors or 1 brand of gate motor.

If you have purchased a new garage door and it came with an ATA PTX4 or PTX5 remote then you can program it with these easy steps. First, push the red button on the back of the motor, then push the learn button on the back of the motor and hold down the lock symbol on your remote until the light goes out and is released. 

If it happens that you’ve lost your remote control, you can pick up an easy-to-use universal remote as a replacement.

Shop ATA Garage Door Openers at NGRO

If you’re looking to buy a new garage door opener but don’t know where to start, it’s time to check out ATA openers.  We’ve helped thousands of homeowners throughout the country find the right opener and will do the same for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.