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FAAC remotes for sale

The Italian company FAAC is a leading manufacturer of automation for various types of gates. FAAC remotes are convenient, high-quality and reliable miniature transmitters for the remote control of garage doors and gates. With their dynamic code and self-study program, these remote controls are easy to use and popular not only in Australia but around the world.

FAAC remote control models and features

FAAC remote controls have undergone several generations of evolution since they were first developed, and are now high-performance devices loaded with the latest technologies and contemporary design. FAAC gate remotes are available in dark blue, black or white colours and can have two or four channels. The various types of remotes offer flexibility for each user to choose the model that best suits their needs.

FAAC gate remotes are powered by two batteries, providing between two to three years of uninterrupted usage. All remotes can work in a temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.

FAAC remote controls can support both standard (433MHz) and high (868MHz) operating frequencies. The operating frequency should match that of the radio receiver. Recently, the company has been producing a large number of models operating at high frequencies. Such FAAC remote controls offer effective protection from signal interception or interference.

Provide a high level of protection for your property with FAAC remotes

FAAC gate remote controls can support both static and dynamic coding methods. The statically coded remote controls are designated RC and generate a security password once upon establishing a connection to the automation system. These FAAC remote controls select a code from a large number of combinations.

FAAC remotes with dynamic coding are marked as SLH and change the security password each time your gates are opened or closed. Increased security against unauthorized cloning, hacking and radio signal interception is one of the main advantages of dynamically coded FAAC remote controls.

Genuine FAAC garage remotes with manufacturer’s warranty

Over the past ten years, FAAC has modernised many automation systems, including remote controls. In order to ensure the safety of all consumers, FAAC strictly adheres to European quality standards to maintain the highest quality of all products.

At National Garage you can buy reliable garage remotes at an affordable price. We supply products directly from the manufacturer with a factory warranty, so you can be sure of the quality of your purchase. We also offer free shipping for orders anywhere in Australia.

Order FAAC remotes and garage door openers and simplify your gate operation instantly.

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Original price was: $64.95.Current price is: $42.00. inc. GST