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Auto Openers
Door Master

Handles 18m² doors and
comes with a 5 year, DIY
supported warranty

Top-of-the-range garage door remotes and openers

Are you looking for reliable equipment that will make using the gates and garage doors as easy and comfortable as possible? National Garage Remotes & Openers offers a large selection of high-quality garage door remotes, openers and accessories. You can choose from easy-to-use, inexpensive devices or high-tech models with control panels and additional systems.

Our catalogue contains products from the best brands such as B&D, ATA, Gliderol, Grifco, Merlin, Boss and Letron. All our garage door remote controls and roller door remotes are straight from the manufacturer with full warranty.

Exit and enter your property with ease

You will get a lot of advantages by using our automatic garage door remotes and openers:

  • Quick and easy opening – you just need to press a button without making any efforts, which is particularly useful with heavy gates;
  • Stable work in any conditions – you won’t have to repair the locks after rain or change remote controls that aren’t working because of the heat;
  • Protection against burglary – modern remote controls are equipped with self-locking program and prevent copying the code, so only you can open the door;
  • Safe use – special sensors that are located in the openings record the appearance of a foreign object or person when doors are closing and stop the mechanism.

We guarantee the quality of the offered devices, so the garage door remotes and gate openers will work accurately and without interruptions in any weather.

Buy garage door remotes and openers online

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to consider:

  • type of doors: there is an automatic device for each opening option (garage roller door opener, tilt door opener, gate opening motors);
  • dimensions of the opening to choose required drive power of roller or panel garage door openers;
  • frequency and number of passing vehicles – it affects the intensity of the device (from 25 to 100%);
  • door weight – manufacturers make drives in accordance with this parameter.

Our experts are always ready to help you choose the perfect option. You can contact us during opening hours by phone or by email. Buy garage door remote controls and openers with National Garage Remotes and Openers and we will ship your order in the shortest possible time to anywhere in Australia.