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Automate your gate with a quality sliding or swing gate motor from National Garage.

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We provide quality gate products and accessories at the best prices, backed by top-notch service and a manufacturer warranty. National Garage supplies auto gate openers and accessories from the most reliable brands, such as FAAC, Centsys and Automatic Technology Australia.

What is a sliding gate motor?

Sliding gate motors are an effective security element for controlling and restricting access to a private area. The automation of the gate allows you to operate it while you stay in the car or your house.

It is possible to install sliding gate openers at any time during gate usage. Automatic mechanisms operate uninterruptedly in all weather conditions, including severe cold and heat. A toothed rack is used to transfer the automation torque directly to the gate. It must be installed across the gate so that it interlocks with the motorised pinion to open and close the gate. Such a construction is characterised by compactness, quiet operation and an affordable price.

How to choose sliding or swing gate motors?

When choosing a gate opener, you need to pay attention to its power as it must correspond to the weight of the movable leaf of your gate. The second most important parameter is the intensity of the sliding or swing gate motors. Also, gate openers can differ in additional functionality (soft start, power control, the ability to limit the opening width, etc.). This information is available in the characteristics for each motor, but if you have questions, you can always contact our technical support staff.

The gate automation not only provides convenience and reliability, but also guarantees safety, preventing intruders from gaining access to your yard. Electric gate motors are reliable, durable and functional.

Quality gate motors with free shipping from National Garage

National Garage offers a wide range of swing and sliding gate motors from leading manufacturers, so you can choose an opener for gates of various weights and sizes. Many gate products are equipped with additional accessories and come in kits with remote controls, warning lights, installation instructions, a gate control board and so on. You can also check our Specials to find the best option and save more.

As an added bonus, we offer free shipping to anywhere in Australia for all of our products and if you order before 1 pm, we will send your purchase the same day.

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$29.95 inc. GST

ATA Swing Gate Openers

ATA Sliding Gate Racking 90281

$29.95 inc. GST
$29.95 inc. GST
$29.95 inc. GST
$29.95 inc. GST
$819.95 inc. GST
$779.00 inc. GST
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