Auto Openers C945 Replacement Garage Door Remote Control – Merlin AO945

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The Auto Openers AO945 replaces the Merlin C945 garage door remote control.

Comes with free shipping, 2 year warranty and instructions.

See below for a list of compatible garage door openers!

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Merlin C945 Replacement Remote Control

This Listing Includes

1x Auto Openers AO945 Replacement*
1x 23A Alkaline Battery
Click here for instructions
*Please note, this listing is for the remote pictured on the right and not the genuine remote on the left.


Merlin C945 Replacement Features

The AO945 remote control has four buttons, which will allow you to code this remote control into three different door or gate openers. The AO945 remote control features a rolling code encryption called Security+, which generates a new code each time the button is pressed from over 4.29 billion possibilities. This ensures that only your garage door remotes will ever open your gate or door, also preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door.

The Auto Openers remote control has the same features, in a case that’s built to last with a larger battery that allows transmission from further away. The Auto Openers replacement remote controls are the only remotes in Australia providing a quality aftermarket solution that’s reasonably priced.

The Auto Openers replacement remote controls also come with a 2 year warranty, which no other aftermarket remotes come with. As an Australian owned brand, Auto Openers is Australia’s most trusted replacement remote control manufacturer for good reason.


Merlin C945 Replacement Compatibility

The AO945 remote control will suit any of the below models of garage door models. Note that all these motors do not have “EVO” or “MYQ” in their model number. If you are looking for a replacement Merlin remote and your motor has “EVO”, “MYQ” or a mention of “Security+ 2.0” written on it, this remote control would not suit – You would require the E945M.

Merlin C945 Roller Door Motors
  • Chamberlain CR550 Roller Door Motor
  • HomEntry HE60R Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR60 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR600 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR600a Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR650 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR800 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR800a Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR850 Roller Door Motor
  • Melin MR1000 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MJ3800R Jackshaft Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MRC950 Light Industrial Roller Door Motor
Merlin C945 Sectional Door Motors
  • HomEntry HE60 Sectional Door Motor
  • Merlin MT60 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT60P Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT600 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT800 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT1000 Panel Door Opener
  • Merlin MJ3800 Jackshaft Panel Door Opener
  • Merlin MT3850 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT5580 Sectional Door Opener
  • Merlin MT5580P Panel Door Motor
  • Motorlift ML700 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML750 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML850 Sectional Door Opener
Merlin C945 Gate Motors
  • Merlin MGS300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGA300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS400 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS500 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS1000 Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC100ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC300ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC400ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC500ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC600ML Gate Operator
Merlin C945 Receivers
  • CM8002ANZ (No longer Available)
  • Auto Openers Universal Receiver

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm

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