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Steel-Line Garage Door Remotes Online

Steel-Line has been automating garage doors for homes in Australia for over 40 years. Their garage doors, remote controls and garage door openers have become popular for their durability and style. Steel-Line remotes feature a modern technical base as well as an elegant and compact design for ease of daily use. At National Garage, you can find quality genuine remote controls from the manufacturer at an affordable price.

Features of Steel-Line garage remotes

Steel-Line remotes provide maximum security thanks to the rolling code encryption system, which guarantees the uniqueness of the code every time a secret combination is transmitted to the receiving device.

Steel-Line garage remotes can be two or four channels, enabling you to connect up to 4 objects. Due to their multi-channel functionality, you don’t have to carry around multiple separate remotes for each garage door. The device operates at a standard operating frequency of 433 MHz and can connect to most modern automation systems. Thanks to the high radio signal range (50 to 100 m), you can open your garage doors in advance when you drive up to the garage. In the design process, the manufacturer took into account the peculiarities of the Australian weather, so the remote control can operate at temperatures up to 55° C.

Genuine garage remotes

from the Australian brand

Steel-Line remote controls are the perfect device for anyone who values quality, convenience, and functionality. The products of this brand have been enjoying well-deserved popularity for many years. At National Garage, you can buy the Steel-Line Remote Control online with free door-to-door shipping across Australia.

In order not to make the right choice before buying, be sure to check whether the selected model of the remote control is compatible with your automation. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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