Merlin C945 – Bearclaw

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Merlin 3-Button Key Ring Bear Claw remote with Security +

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This listing includes

  • 1x Merlin C945 Keyring Remote
  • 1x Battery

MASSIVE 1 Year Warranty!

For instructions, please see the card that comes with your order


Security+ remote transmitters operate reliably thanks to rolling code technology. Rolling code technology helps prevent and protect your home from replay attacks, or from major interference affecting your range of operation.

Available in sunvisor clip (C943) models and wall mount (CM128) models.


The Merlin+ remote control transmitters suit all Security+ Merlin motors.

Please Note:The C945 remote control looks nearly identical to the E945M remote control however, please note that they are not compatible with one another. They can easily be distinguished apart by the markings on the front of the remote control, as the E945M has a “2.0” on the front, whilst the C945 does not.

Alternatively please see our comprehensive motor compatibility list below – Note that all compatible motors do not have “EVO” in the model number!


Roller Door Motors
  • Merlin MR600 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR650 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR800 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR850 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MRC950 Light Industrial Roller Door Motor
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors
Sectional & Panel Openers
  • Merlin MT600 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT800 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT1000 Panel Door Opener
  • Merlin MT3850 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT5580 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML700 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML750 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML850 Sectional Door Opener
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors
Gate Openers
  • Merlin MGS300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGA300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS400 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS500 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS1000 Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC100ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC300ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC400ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC500ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC600ML Gate Operator
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors

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