For 60 years, the products of the German company Marantec have been a model of practicality, innovation and reliability in the manufacturing of automatic systems for garage doors and gates of all types.

Due to using modern technologies and the best materials, Marantec remotes provide a premium level of protection against burglary and general security, cost-effectiveness and ease of customisation of the equipment included in the garage door automation system.

Multichannel remotes for multilevel protection

Marantec garage door remotes are easy to code and new models can be configured from those already used in the system.

All devices have Multi-bit technology, which increases the number of unique combinations to 281 trillion. Dynamic code and a huge number of combinations guarantee absolutely impossible unauthorised cloning of the signal. Depending on the model, Marantec remotes can control from 2 to 4 devices and will suit any of the Marantec garage door openers. The range of the remote is up to 200 meters in open space.

All remotes have been specially designed to ensure comfortable use and prevent accidental pressing. The case fully protects the device from possible ingress of dust and moisture.

Reliable automatics with free home delivery

Marantec automatics are made from high-quality materials with modern coding techniques. The devices are resistant to interference from other radio-controlled mechanisms and can operate in any condition. All remotes are supplied directly from the manufacturer with a full warranty. Also, we offer free shipping anywhere in Australia.

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