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Reliable Power for Your Garage Doors

In our dedicated Avanti Batteries category, we offer a range of reliable lithium and alkaline batteries that are designed specifically for Avanti, Stoddart, Superlift, Centurian, Easylift, and Jaytech garage door remotes and openers. When it comes to these well-respected brands, using the right batteries is crucial to ensure smooth operation and the longevity of your garage door remotes.


High-Quality Avanti Garage Door Remote Batteries

Choosing high-quality batteries for your garage door remote is more important than you might think. Your garage door is one of the key entry points to your home, and ensuring its consistent and reliable operation is vital for both convenience and security.

Firstly, high-quality batteries deliver a consistent power supply. They are designed to provide steady performance over an extended period of time, reducing the frequency of battery replacements. This means your garage door opener can function optimally, without unexpected power disruptions that could leave you either locked out of your garage or, worse, unable to secure it.

Secondly, superior batteries are often engineered with advanced technology that ensures longevity and reliability. They are less likely to leak or corrode, which could otherwise damage your remote and render it useless.

Finally, high-quality batteries are more cost-effective in the long run. Despite being more expensive upfront, they last longer and deliver better performance, which makes them a worthwhile investment over cheaper, subpar options.


Easy Replacement and Hassle-free Shopping

Don’t let a flat remote battery stop you from getting into your garage. Contact National Garage Remotes & Openers for reliable battery replacements today, or order online and take advantage of our free shipping!

Avanti Batteries

23A Alkaline 12V Battery

$3.95 inc. GST

Avanti Batteries

27A Alkaline 12V Battery

$3.95 inc. GST