ATA PE-2 Wired Safety Beams 3-Wire

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Protect your family, possessions and car, and further enhance your home’s security, with Wireless Safety Beams. Designed to be easy to install with no unsightly messy cabling and conduits required. Anyone can easily install these Wireless Safety PE Beams and protect your family.

A photo electric beam fitted correctly can protect your vehicle, your property and your family. In many countries, PE beams are a mandatory safety requirement for garage doors to prevent accidents from occurring. Our industry strongly recommends the use of PE beam sensors for the peace of mind, and protection against future injuries or damages that may occur.

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ATA PE-2 Wired Safety Beams 3-Wire


The PE-2 infrared photo electric beam are an outdoor detection device that can be used to open or prevent closure of a door / gate. The PE-2 is manufactured using modern surface mount technology and sophisticated electronics resulting in a product that has greater reliability and reduced size. When using with the auto close feature on control boards and operators, the PE-2 will prevent a door / gate from closing when a vehicle is obstructing the door / gate way. This provides your access system with added safety and security.

Installation of the PE-2 is designed to be simple and trouble-free. The side mounts of the PE-2 are removable to allow easy fitting. The input voltage to the PE-2 can be either 12V AC/DC or 24V AC/DC. The transmitter indicates power on using a green LED indicator. A red LED indicator mounted on the receiver shows alignment. The PE-2 is aligned correctly when the red LED light is bright. Two Adjusting screws allows simple horizontal and vertical aligning.


please note that the PE-2 beams will not work with GEN2 ATA motors!

The ATA PE-2 Beams suit most ATA Gen2 motors. All ATA Gen2 motors use the grey button PTX5v2 remote controls.

Roller Door Motors

  • GDO-4 EasyRoller®
  • GDO-6 EasyRoller® Gen2
  • GDO-6v2 Easy Roller
  • GDO-6v3 Easy Roller
  • GDO8v2 Shed Master
  • GDO8v3 Shed Master

Sectional Door Motors

  • GDO-2 Securalift
  • GDO-7v1 Securalift
  • GDO-7v2, & GDO-7v3
  • GDO-9v1
  • GDO-9v2 Enduro Gen1
  • GDO-9v3 Dynamo Gen1
  • GDO-11 Ero

Gate Motors

  • NeoSlider NES24V1
  • NeoSlider NES24V2 Gen1

Industrial Motors

  • GDO-10v1 Toro
  • GDO-10v2 Toro
  • Axess Pro 1100
  • Axess Pro 1101
  • Axess Pro 1300
  • Axess Pro Series 2000
  • Axess 3000 With Logics

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