B&D CAD S Sectional Garage Door Opener

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Control-A-Door S


This Listing Includes

1 x Genuine Brand New B&D Controll-A-Door S Overhead Sectional Door Opener Drive Unit

1 x Wall mount transmitter with battery and screws

2 x TB6 Premium hand transmitter remotes with batteries

1 x Strong and Reliable Chain Rail

1 x Installation manual

1 x Home owner’s manual

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Company History

B&D is an Australian iconic brand built on ingenuity and innovation, which have had a profound impact on the Australian urban landscapes.

B&D first began manufacturing garage doors in 1956, and today is Australia’s largest manufacturer of garage doors.

In 1975 B&D introduced the Control-A-Door (CAD) the first automatic opener of its kind in Australia.

Continuing on to today, B&D brings you the Control-A-Door S. A culmination of over nearly 40 years of innovation and continual improvement in automatic door technology

The B&D Controll-A-Door S Overhead Sectional Door Opener offers a smart design and effortlessly delivers smooth and reliable door control at a great affordable price.


Innovative Features

Tri-Tran+ ™

Secure garage door control at your fingertips

Every Controll-A-Door automatic garage door opener comes standard with our Tri-Tran+™ remote control technology that delivers:

• Advanced security against code grabbing devices that can gain access to your home.

• Reliable operation - Rest assured your remote will work when you need it to.

• Excellent operating range.

• Virtually no interference from other wireless devices such as door bells and baby monitors.


Code Hopping Technology

Every time a transmitter is used a new security code is generated for over 100 billion possible code combinations. This greatly enhances the security of the system and makes “code grabbing” a thing of the past.


Multi-Channel Transmitter

Multi-Channel transmitters allow you to operate other devices such as an adjoining garage door or automated gate from the same handy remote.

Safety Reversing System

The automatic safety reverse system significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury if trapped by a closing door. Continues force sensing capability will instantly reverse the door if obstructed. The safety reverse force can also be adjusted to respond to environmental conditions such as windy areas.

Memory Retention

If the power goes out the opener will not lose the transmitter codes or limit settings. When power is returned the opener will operate normally.

Soft Start/Soft Stop

The opener eases into and out of each cycle, making for a smoother & quieter operation reducing wear and tear on the door and opener.

Manual Release

The manual release handle allows the door to be operated by hand in the event of a power failure


There is no need to manually lock the door as the opener ‘positively locks’ the door when closed.

Service Indicator

A built in counter, counts the cycles and when it reaches 3000 cycles the opener will indicate that it requires servicing.

Service Fault Indicator

Flashing LED’s on the control panel easily identify operational problems or service requirements.

Dynamic Door Profiling

Changing door characteristics are automatically compensated for and “learnt” with each operation of the door.

Courtesy Light

Courtesy light automatically switches on for approximately 3 minutes when operating the door. This can also be programmed to operate from a transmitter.

Vacation Mode

A transmitter can be programmed to disable the garage door opener radio receiver. This is ideal if the door is to be left closed for prolonged periods of time such as vacations.

Auxiliary Output

You can program a spare button on the transmitter to operate this output to control items that can be switched using a momentary close

Pet (Pedestrian) Mode

A transmitter can be programmed to partially open the door to allow pet access to the garage. The default height can be adjusted to a desired position.



Power Supply: 230V – 240Va.c. 50Hz

Door Height (Standard Rail): 2440mm

Maximum Door Height with Extension:3950mm

Maximum Door Area: 16.5

Minimum headroom: 30mm

Peak Pullin Force: 800N

Receiver Type: Multi-frequency UHF FM (433.47, 433.92, 434.37MHz)

Receiver Code Storage Capacity: 64 x Tri-Tran+ 4-button Transmitters

Coding System: Tri-Tran+ Technology

Coding Type: Non-Linear encryption algorithm

Number of code combinations: Over 100 billion random codes

Transmitter Battery: CR2032 (3 Volts)

Courtesy Light: Festoon


Optional Smart Phone Kit

Smartphone Control - Features

Tired of the kids losing their remotes, or having to replace them? You can now use your Windows, Apple or Android device to open the garage door. Now you can avoid replacing your remote control on a regular basis, saving you money in the long run.

Using the new and improved network base station kit you can now control any B&D motor made after June 2016 with your smartphone.



With a simple, easy to use interface allowing you to open and close the door at the tap of the finger. The smartphone app allows you to:


  • Lock all phones from opening or closing your door
  • Lock all remotes from opening or closing your door
  • Open your door to a pre-determined height to allow pets in and out
  • Open your door to a pre-determined height to allow parcels in and out
  • Open your door to a pre-determined height to allow pedestrians or visitors in and out




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