Avanti Coding Instruction

Thank you for your business – If you have any trouble with coding your remote in, please refer to troubleshooting on the rear of this page.

  • The Courtesy Lampwill triple flash once every 15 seconds once the run time differential exceeds 3 seconds. At this point the garage door should be serviced by a suitably qualified technician.
  • Note: Door ServiceMonitorfunction is available only when Adaptive Modehas been selected.


  • Remove the Courtesy Lamp and Control Box Covers to expose the Control Board (Refer Sec.18for removal and replacement details)
  • Select Dip 4 (DBM) to the “ON” position. (Fig.16)
  • Replace Control Box and Courtesy Lamp Covers

22. Hand Transmitters

  • The 433MHz hopping code Hand Transmitterprovides state of the art security by providing up to 1.2 billion possible code combinations. A new digital code is generated each time the Hand Transmitteris pressed thereby ensuring the total securityof your garage and its contents from potential coded scanning devices. Up to 12 individual Hand Transmittercodesmay be stored.

Code Learning

  • All Hand Transmitter codes may be deleted as follows;
    • hinge open the Courtesy Lamp Cover to expose the“Learn” Button (Fig.18)
    • momentarily press the“Learn” Button(Fig.18–D) –LED Indicator (Fig.18–C) will glow solid
    • press and hold the black “Run”Button –LED indicator will begin to rapidflash
    • all Hand TransmitterCodes will have been deleted once the LED Indicator ceases to flash
    • close the Courtesy Lamp Cover

Battery Replacement

  • Battery may be replaced as follows;
    • remove the fixing screw located under the sticker on the bottom face of the Hand Transmitter
    • open the 2 halves of the Hand Transmitter and replace the battery with one of identical specification
    • test that the Hand Transmitter LED Indicator illuminates when on of the Hand Transmitter buttons is pressed and then replace the fixing screw and sticker

23. Learn Button

  • The Learn”Button(Fig.18 -D) is located withinthe Lamp Coveradjacent to the “Learn LED” and serves to initiate the functions as described in the following table;
Learn Hand TransmitterCodesMomentary press
Formal Force LearningPress and hold for 2 sec
Sleep ModePress and hold in conjunction with “Run”Button