20x Disposable Non-Woven 3Ply Face Mask

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20 Pack of disposable 3ply medical face masks.

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As of the 3rd of August, we have confirmation that the face masks are en route from Sydney to us in Albury. Once the masks have been received, we will be sending out all orders received in full. This is expected to be on either the 5th or the 6th of this month.

For any specific inquiries, please feel free to email our friendly team at sales@ngro.com.au

We believe in keeping people safe and are aiming to combat unscrupulous people selling face masks for unreasonable prices. Whilst we are able to do so, we will continue to offer these masks for the garage door industry and the public to help keep everyone safe.

This listing includes

  • 20x 3Ply, Non-Woven Blue Adult Face Mask

Why Non-Woven?

A non-woven face mask is a mask which protects the user’s respiratory tract. They also filters the air that the user breathes in, thus providing protection from various diseases, such as virus transmission. The mask covers a large potion of the face and protects the wearer from dust or microorganisms. These face masks are a necessity for doctors and other hospital staff members as it protects them from the viruses which may spread from a patient. People working in the food industry use non-woven face masks to prevent the transmission of viruses through food. Non-woven face masks are more beneficial than woven face masks, as it has better air permeability, is lightweight, waterproof, flexible and resilient, and provides better filtration. Usage of disposable non-woven products minimizes the risk of contamination as compared to reusable products, as disposable products are disposed of after usage.

The usage of face masks, gloves, hand washing, avoiding touching your face, social distancing and staying home when you do not need to be out in public are all ways to help prevent your exposure to virus’.


What’s the Differences in Ply Mean?

The 1 or single Ply mask segment involves only a single layer of microfibers without any further folding. The 2 or double Ply mask segment consists of two layers of spun-bonded thermal polypropylene microfibers which provides better filtration and absorption. The 3 or triple Ply mask segment has three layers of folding arranged vertically, which covers the mouth, nose, and chin. In practical applications, hospital and dental require mandatory utilization of non-woven face mask as the mask ensures the prevention of virus transmission.


Technical Specifications
  • Outer Layer: 18gsm PP spunbond (Hydrophobic)
  • Middle Layer: 25gsm meltblown filter
  • Inner Layer: 30gsm PP spunbond (Hydrophilic)
  • Nose Bridge: PVC Coated Wire / PE Non Wire
  • Hypoallergenic

Hydrophobic: Anti-stain, water resistant & non absorbent. The outer layer will not absorb water and naturally repels it, helps prevent the wearer from harmful bacteria .
Hydrophilic: Water absorbent and maximizes contact, helps prevent spread of germs by wearer.

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