ATA GDO9v2 - Enduro

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ATA GDO9v2 - Enduro



This Listing Includes

1x Automatic Technology GDO-9v2 Enduro Garage Sectional/Tilt Door Opener
2x PTX5v2 Triocode Remote Hand Transmitters
1x Silent Belt C-Rail (3.2m long to suit 2.4m high doors)
1x Installation Manual

Please see below for video installation instructions!

With a powerful 1000N DC motor and adjustable speed settings, the Enduro™ is the opener of choice for when you positively want the best in performance, features and peace of mind.

The Enduro™ has all the features and adaptability for the most demanding of applications. The 1000N DC motor has variable speed settings, to suit the slow drive needs of complex tilt doors, through to higher rates for suitable installs. The aluminium C-Rail provides corrosion resistance, important in coastal areas, and can be mounted flush to ceilings in low headroom situations.

Other standard features include Automatic Technology's unique TrioCode™128 transmitter system, LED courtesy light, Wireless Safety Beam compatibility, Door Profiling and Intelligent Safety Systems. Optional modes comprise Auto Close for extra security protection, Ventilation Mode for cooling and Vacation Modes for prolonged absences.

 Top of its range with built-in intelligent features such as Automatic Door profiling and safety reversing if the door is obstructed. The GDO9v2 Enduro not only protects your assets but also improves the life of your door.

Low Headroom
 With as little as 57mm required between the ceiling and the highest point that the door travels, the opener can be flush mounted for low headroom applications.

Secure and Reliable Transmitters (Remotes) 
 The Triocode 128 transmitters ensure your home is secure. Transmitting simultaneously over 3 frequencies to defeat any chance of radio interference as well as 128-bit encryption with trillions of codes to eliminate any ability to code lock

DC Motor – 
The three speed 1000N DC motor is custom designed to work with the most demanding of residential custom and tilt door applications.

Courtesy Light – 
Built in LED light turns on when the door is operated and remains on for 3 minutes. It can also be programmed into your remote so you can operate the light from the remote without needing to operate the door.


The GDO Enduro is designed to be easy to install on your new or existing garage sectional or panel door. Our installers can complete the job in about 60 to 80 minutes. Easy to read instructions are supplied with the opener. Follow the instructions carefully and any DIY handy person can complete the installation in a short amount of time.



Rated Door Area 18m²
Min Head Room 57mm
Lockout System Vacation Mode
Power Input Voltage 230-240V a.c. 1-phase
Peak Pulling Power 1000N
Motor Type 24V a.c. 1-phase
Motor Power 100W
Standby Power 2.2W
Door Travel Speed 130mm/sec
Remote Frequency FM 433.47, 433.92 & 434.37MHz
Security TrioCode128
Number of Codes Over a trillion codes
Memory Register 64
Weather Resistance IP24
Lighting 2x UltraBright LED's
Warranty 5 Year / 10,000 Cycles


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