ATA GDO8 - Shedmaster

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ATA GDO8 - Shedmaster


Innovative Features

Weather Resistant – Tough IP24 rated weather resistant housing allows the Shed Master GDO8v3 to be used in exposed areas such as carports.

Extra Security – Given the Shed Master maybe installed in exposed areas it has additional Keyed Lockout that locks the motor so no one is able to manually operate the motor or the door. This ensures your valuable items behind the door are secure.  The control panel can also be locked out to ensure security.

Soft Start/Soft Stop - Ramping speed up and down at the end of each cycle to reduce stress on the door and opener to extend life and quieter operation

Intelligent Safety System - If contact is made with an obstruction while door is moving, the opener will intuitively either stop of reverse to reduce potential injury or damage

Slim Fit - Only requires 40mm between the door curtain to the inside of the bracket. This allows installation in very tight areas

Secure and Reliable Transmitters (Remotes) - The Triocode 128 transmitters ensure your home is secure. Transmitting simultaneously over 3 frequencies to defeat any chance of radio interference as well as 128 bit encryption with trillions of codes to eliminate any ability to code lock

Service Indicator - Just like your car, the opener will need periodic servicing to maintain performance and warranties. The opener will let you know when to have it serviced by audible and visual warnings

Dynamic Door Profiling - Changing door characteristics are automatically compensated for and “learnt” with each operation of the door


The Shed Master GDO-8v3 is designed to be easy to install on your new or existing garage roller door. Our installers can complete the job in about 20 to 40 minutes. Easy to read instructions are supplied with the opener. Follow the instructions carefully and any DIY handy person can complete the installation in a short amount of time.

Warranty and Maintenance

The Shed Master GDO-8v3 comes with a full 2 year warranty or 5,000 cycles. Warranties are either replacement or factory repair.

Maintenance of garage roller door is important to ensure the longevity of not only your ATA opener and your garage roller door. A great innovation with the Shed Master GDO-8v3 is a counter that records operating cycles and will let you know when your door requires a service. Your garage door is a heavy item and will need to be regularly checked for ease and smoothness of operation to ensure not too much stress is placed on your opener. This reminder will help make sure you have trouble free operation for many years.


Power Input Voltage - 230-240V a.c. 1-phase

Transformer Rating - 72VA

Standby Power - 2.8W

Motor Type - 24V d.c. Permanent Magnet

Motor Power - 100W

Peak Driving Force - 550N

Door Sizes Rated Door Area - 15m2

Typical Travel Speed (door dependent) - 100mm/sec

Receiver/Transmitter Frequency - Multi-frequency UHF FM (433.47, 433.92 & 434.37MHz)

Coding System - Code hopping (Non-linear encryption algorithm)

Code Combinations - 3.4x1038 code combinations (340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 codes)

Transmitter Type - TrioCode™128

Transmitter Capacity - (x 4-button registers) 8

Additional Features - Courtesy Light Optional

Weather Resistance - Rating IP24

Lockout System - Keyed lockout for manual release Electronic lockout for control panel button.

Safety Beam Compatibility - 1 x 3-wire Safety Beam

Warranty - 2 year/5,000 cycles



Safety is important. Your Shed Master GDO-8v3 has an intelligent safety system that is constantly monitoring your door during cycles. If contact is made with your door or it is obstructed, the opener will automatically reverse to reduce potential injuries.

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