ATA GDO6v3 - EasyRoller

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ATA GDO6v3 - EasyRoller


Intelligence – Top of its range with built in intelligent features such as Automatic Door profiling and safety reversing if the door is obstructed. The EasyRoller GDO6v3 not only protects your assets but also improves the life of your door.

Slim Fit - Only requires 40mm between the door curtain to the inside of the bracket. This allows installation in very tight areas

Secure and Reliable Transmitters (Remotes) - The Triocode 128 transmitters ensure your home is secure. Transmitting simultaneously over 3 frequencies to defeat any chance of radio interference as well as 128 bit encryption with trillions of codes to eliminate any ability to code lock

Easy Access – A transmitter hangs from the manual release cord, allowing you to operate the opener without a hand transmitter. A great feature when working in the garage.

Courtesy Light – Built in light turns on when the door is operated and remains on for 3 minutes. It can also be programmed into your remote so you can operate the light from the remote without needing to operate the door.



The EasyRoller GDO-6v3 is designed to be easy to install on your new or existing garage roller door. Our installers can complete the job in about 20 to 40 minutes. Easy to read instructions are supplied with the opener. Follow the instructions carefully and any DIY handy person can complete the installation in a short amount of time.

Watch the below instructional video on how to install this opener.



Power Supply: 230-240V A.C. 50Hz

Standby Power: 2.2 Watts

Motor Power: 100 Watts

Motor Type: 24VD.C. Permanent Magnet

Maximum door opening Width:5500mm



Opener Limits: Travel 3.0 turns of Door Drum Wheel

Receiver Type:TrioCode™128 type

Receiver Code Storage Capacity:16 x 4 button Transmitter Codes

Transmitter frequency:TrioCode™128 type

Code type:Code Hopping

Number of code combinations:340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 codes

Code generation:Non-linear encryption algorithm

Courtesy Light:Festoon Type – 15W 24D.C.

Controller fuse:10A slow blow

Warranty - 2 year/5,000 cycles

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