Brand New C945 Compatible Security+ Merlin Garage Door Remote - Active Series

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Active Series C945 Remote 1


This listing includes
1x Brand New "Active" Series C945 Remote Hand Transmitter
1x 23A Battery for Longer Transmission Range
1x Cloth Storage Bag

MASSIVE 2 Year Warranty!

For instructions, please see the card that comes with your order!

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The "Active" Series by Auto Openers

For years Australian consumers have been tolerating brittle casings, easily worn away rubber buttons or even coating their garage openers in sticky tape to hold them together.

No Longer!

Introducing the "Active" series from Auto Openers! These remote controls feature Europe's most popular and colourful remote casing, coupled with one of the strongest transmission technologies to ever hit Australia's most popular brands. National Garage are confident that these remotes are guaranteed to last longer than your original remote controls, so we are offering DOUBLE the genuine remote control warranty - Two years!

This is the first remote control series on eBay to feature a massive two year warranty!
For a full list of features, please see below.


  • Up to Double the range of existing genuine remotes based on field tests
  • Bigger battery lasts longer
  • 2 year warranty
  • Compact size
  • Longer pulse rate
  • Durable very strong case
  • Visor & Holder clip available (Optional Extra)
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Big buttons that do not rip out or wear off.
  • Largest chip available to hold memory longer
  • Easy to use with long fingernails and big fingers
  • 4 buttons (3 x Channel) operate 3 openers or gates from one remote
  • Large LED battery indicator when button pressed it lights up you know you have pressed it.

A Note On Aftermarket Remote Controls

As a general rule, if you are paying under $15.00 for any copy or aftermarket remote remote it will not last 12 months. This is due to the remote being made from cheap, poor quality components and use poor quality batteries that are usually close to flat on arrival. The remotes also have a limited replacement warranty, as they are cheap to replace (Due to normally being under $4 cost).

We have sold these compatible remotes for years, and get 100’s of returns per month. We want to eradicate these poor quality remotes, which is why we have introduced a better quality remote that is built to last - unlike cheap copies and genuine’s designed to last a short amount of time so you have to replace them.

The "Active Series" is compatible with the Merlin Security+ technology remote controls and only use the best quality components and batteries which are designed to last. We back this up with our two year guarantee



The "Active Series" compatible with Security+ remote transmitters operate reliably thanks to rolling code technology. Rolling code technology helps prevent and protect your home from replay attacks, or from major interference affecting your range of operation.

Also available is a handy visor clip and wall mount. Allows you to mount your remote to your wall or keep on the windscreen visor of you car.

Please note that, similar to the genuine C945, only three buttons will activate your gate or garage door unit.


The Active Series C945 remote control transmitters suit all Security+ Merlin motors.


Compatible with all Merlin Security+ Door Motors & Some MotorLift Motors

Roller Door Motors

  • Merlin MR600 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR650 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR800 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MR850 Roller Door Motor
  • Merlin MRC950 Light Industrial Roller Door Motor
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors

Sectional & Panel Openers

  • Merlin MT600 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT800 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT1000 Panel Door Opener
  • Merlin MT3850 Panel Door Motor
  • Merlin MT5580 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML700 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML750 Sectional Door Opener
  • Motorlift ML850 Sectional Door Opener
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors

Gate Openers

  • Merlin MGS300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGA300 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS400 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS500 Gate Operator
  • Merlin MGS1000 Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC100ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC300ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC400ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC500ML Gate Operator
  • Motorlift HC600ML Gate Operator
  • And all other compatible Security+ receivers and motors


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